Microwave Flat Bowl Buddy

Microwave Flat Bowl Buddy

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Do your fingers get burnt when removing HOT dishes from the Microwave?

Do you use a tea towel?

Does it end up in your food?

Your Problems are solved with an easy lift "Microwave Buddy" by UberChilled featuring our new Hang tab for storage convenience.  Not only functional but reversible for a whole new look, (pictures show both, sides easy care when dirty toss them in the wash. Great for cold ice cream bowls.

Flat bowl buddy’s are ideal for small side plates or pasta style bowls, up to approximately 23 cm.

Made using 100% cotton materials

Intended for reheating ONLY? DO NOT USE for long term cooking in the Microwave

Heat in 2 minute intervals for up to 8 minutes, let cool before using again

Machine washable, can be tumble dried on low. Iron if required.