Microwave Bowl Buddy

Microwave Bowl Buddy

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Do your fingers get burnt when removing HOT dishes from the Microwave?

Do you use a tea towel ?

Does it end up in your food?

Your Problems are solved with a easy lift "Microwave Buddy" by UberChilled featuring our new Hang tab for storage convenience.  Not only functional but reversible for a whole new look,(pictures show both, sides easy care when dirty toss them in the wash. Great for cold ice cream bowls. Holds bowls up to 18cm diameter.

Made using 100% cotton materials

Intended for reheating ONLY? DO NOT USE for long term cooking in the Microwave

Heat in 2minute intervals for up to 8 minutes, let cool before using again

Machine washable, can be tumble dried on low. Iron if required.

  Mix N Match or grab a set (print placement is random)